Become a Suzuki Teacher

The NZSI Teacher Training Programme is designed for practising teachers and advanced musicians 18 years and over interested in becoming Suzuki teachers. Currently in New Zealand Suzuki teacher training is available in cello, flute, guitar, piano and violin. For current Suzuki instrument teachers the NZSI offers further training in Suzuki Early Childhood Education.

The Teacher Training Programme covers four levels with each level consisting of three units of training. Most units correspond to its equivalant Suzuki repertoire book (ie. Unit 4 explores Volume 4). At the end of each Level of training, teachers sit an assessment. 

Each unit of training consists of:

  • A minimum of 16 hours of lectures, discussion, and teaching practice.
  • Eight hours of observation of specified Suzuki teaching.
  • Additional reading and written work.
  • Alongside the Suzuki repertoire training will explore musicianship, music reading, and the practicalities of the Suzuki philosophy.
InstrumentEntry level requirementsPolicy document
CelloGrade 8 + or alternatively the equivalent of Suzuki Cello Book EightCello Teacher Training Programme
FluteGrade 8 + or alternatively the equivalent of Suzuki Flute Book SevenFlute Teacher Training Programme
GuitarGrade 8 + or alternatively the equivalent of Suzuki Guitar Book SevenGuitar Teacher Training Programme
PianoGrade 8 + or alternatively the equivalent of Suzuki Piano Book SevenPiano Teacher Training Programme
ViolinGrade 8 + or alternatively the equivalent of Suzuki Violin Book SevenViolin Teacher Training Programme
See Upcoming Teacher Training Units here

Returning to teaching? Please see our policy and application form for returning teachers.

The Suzuki Trademark:

Suzuki™ is a Trademark licensed from the International Suzuki Association (ISA). Registered and licensed Suzuki Method™ teachers:

  • Have completed at least two accredited courses of specialist Suzuki teacher training, and;
  • Have a current license to use the name ‘Suzuki’ to describe their teaching. This is given by current financial membership of the New Zealand Suzuki Institute, and;
  • Meet ongoing professional development requirements.

Use of the Suzuki™ name:

  • Use of the Suzuki™ name is licensed from the ISA to each Regional Association (PPSA)
  • Teacher membership of a member Association of the PPSA entitles a teacher to use the Suzuki™
  • Teachers who are not members of a member Association of the PPSA are not entitled to use the Suzuki™ name

How to Enrol for Teacher Training

To enrol for NZSI Teacher Training:

1 | Complete the application form

Complete the application form shown at the bottom of this page. You will need to provide your contact information and attach a short curriculum vitae. In your curriculum vitae, please detail your musical training and experience, and other relevant educational or teaching experience and activities.

Pay the registration fee of $25.00 (non-refundable) made payable to NZ Suzuki Institute by direct deposit: NZSI 03 0259 0253 226 00, Reference: ‘Your surname TT’.

2 | Read Nurtured by Love

Nurtured by Love, The Classic Approach to Talent Education
By Shinichi Suzuki, translated by Waltraud Suzuki

ISBN 10:0-87487-584-6
ISBN 13:978-0-87487-584-3

3 | Attend an interview with the DoTT

You can expect to be interviewed by the NZSI Director of Teacher Training (DoTT) either by telephone, online or in person.

4 | Provide an audition tape

You will be required to provide an audition tape of your most recent playing as a video recording. The DoTT will give you details of what will be required on the audition tape during your interview.

5 | Join the NZSI

When you have completed the enrolment process including the audition, you will be notified of training opportunities as they arise. At the commencement of your training you will be required to become a Teacher Member of the NZSI.