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What is the NZSI Teacher Training Programme?

The NZSI Teacher Training Programme is a comprehensive study of the Suzuki volumes of music for each instrument. Through this study a deep understanding of Suzuki’s philosophy is developed including the application of the philosophy to the teaching of beginners through advanced students. In addition, many areas of practical information are explored e.g. working with parents, setting up a studio, teaching music reading, teaching supplementary literature and working in groups.

Why become a Suzuki teacher?

There is a high demand for Suzuki tuition and the Suzuki method offers a unique community in which to develop professionally and musically as a teacher.

Levels of professional support and interchange are high, particularly for those teachers who involve themselves fully in branch and national activities such as group lessons, workshops and camps.

Suzuki teachers have an open door policy and share ideas readily with one another. This makes for a powerful learning community.

Who is the NZSI Teacher Training Programme for?

Skilled, well-trained musicians who enjoy working with children and their parents, and who have basic understanding of the philosophy and can empathise with the importance of:

  • beginning early
  • postponing music reading until readiness is established by teacher and parent
  • listening to recordings
  • following the Suzuki repertory sequence
  • offering private lessons plus group classes
  • training parents to be teachers at home
  • depending on cooperation, not competition for motivation

Also, a level of commitment is required to see through the completion of the training programme.

How to enrol