The New Zealand Suzuki Institute

Developing character, ability and community through music

The New Zealand Suzuki Institute

The New Zealand Suzuki Institute (NZSI) is a not-for-profit association for students and teachers learning and teaching through the Suzuki Method™. Dr. Shinichi Suzuki developed this method of teaching children to play the violin in Japan in the twentieth century. The method has since been extended to include many more instruments.  Here in Aotearoa, New Zealand we have qualified Suzuki teachers across the country teaching violin, cello, piano, flute and guitar, with some teachers offering Suzuki Early Childhood Music classes.  

The NZSI is part of the global Suzuki Method organization, which enables its members to participate in Suzuki events anywhere in the world.  In Aotearoa, the NZSI has seven branches across the country and a centrally run executive board.  On-going professional development is provided by the NZSI for teacher members in the interests of maintaining a high level of teaching. 

Suzuki Method

The Suzuki Method™ is a world-recognised method for teaching children to learn to play music.  It is based on the belief that every child can, where all children possess innate ability and this ability can be developed and enhanced through a nurturing environment. The Suzuki Method combines instrumental teaching with a philosophy embracing the total development of the child.  The triangle of parent, teacher and child creates a community of learning and sharing, nurturing happy and successful future world citizens through music.

“Teaching music is not my main purpose. I want to make good citizens, noble human beings”  — Dr Suzuki

New Zealand Suzuki Institute

The New Zealand Suzuki Institute (NZSI), was formed over forty years ago. The NZSI now has seven branches throughout the country with over 150 teachers and 2000 students studying a variety of instruments including violin, cello, piano, flute and guitar, as well as participating in Suzuki Early Childhood Music programmes.  

Alongside the local branches, the NZSI exists to:

  • Nurture the character and ability of children through Dr Suzuki’s vision of communities enriched by music.
  • Nurture the character and ability of its teachers through internationally benchmarked teacher training opportunities and registration.
  • Offer regular music workshops and camps during school holidays that the entire family may attend.
  • Provide access to national and international Suzuki conferences.
  • Offer performance opportunities for students at all levels of the Suzuki repertoire.
  • Provide a national journal with articles on the Suzuki approach and related topics, and information about upcoming Suzuki events.
  • Offer opportunities to attend parent information and education meetings.
  • Provide a student graduation process.

We encourage all of our Suzuki families to become members of NZSI, to receive the above benefits.

The NZSI is a member of the Pan Pacific Suzuki Association (PPSA), which is the Regional Suzuki Association licensed by the International Suzuki Association (ISA) to coordinate and develop the Suzuki Method™  throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.  New Zealand Suzuki teacher and family members have access to workshops, conferences and events worldwide. Teachers are granted a license by the ISA to call themselves Suzuki teachers by being a member of the NZSI.

The PPSA promotes, encourages, maintains and improves the use, standards, understanding and teaching of the Suzuki Method, as initiated and developed by Dr Shinichi Suzuki, throughout the Pan Pacific Region by sponsoring or conducting, for teachers and students, conferences, workshops, lectures, demonstrations, classes, seminars, symposia, courses and other meetings to explain and give instruction and training in the Suzuki concept of Talent Education.  The PPSA is governed by a Board of Directors which currently consists of a representative from each of the Regional Member Associations.

Where love is deep much can be accomplished

Dr Suzuki

NZSI Officers

President: Margaret Cooke

Vice Presidents: Vicky Williams and Lynette Carson​

Administrative Officer: Ahna Jensen
PO Box 633, Wellington 6140

Director of Teacher Training: Trudi Miles

Journal Editor: Alison Macdonald

NZSI Life Members

The National Executive of the NZSI recognises the service the following members have given and continue to give to the Institute. This nomination for Life membership indicates the level of gratitude we feel towards that commitment, and we continue to be extremely grateful for their input and support. 

  • Iris Apiti 
  • Jackie Argyle 
  • Marinette Berkeljohn
  • Win Bickerstaff 
  • Josie Fluhler 
  • Ann Goodbehere 
  • Dora Harkness 
  • Avril Hillind 
  • Helen Kapma 
  • Barbara Ker-Mann 
  • Juliet Le Couteur 
  • Val Scott 
  • Gwendoline Short 
  • Val Thorburn 
  • Mary Watson