Student Graduations

Submissions for the 15 May 2023 graduation period are now being accepted.

Dr Suzuki chose milestone pieces from the violin repertoire that he felt demonstrated accomplishment and
skill development. The graduation pieces are not an indication of book completion and are not necessarily the
last piece in the book. Over the years each instrument group has chosen its own relevant milestone pieces.

Currently, NZSI offers graduation opportunities for Cello, Flute, Guitar, Piano and Violin. The Listeners for NZSI
student graduations are NZSI registered trainers and experienced teachers who have undertaken professional
development in graduation assessment

Benefits for participating in Suzuki Graduations process:

  • Nurtures excellence in both students and teachers.
  • Collectively raises the standard of instrument playing overall.
  • Provides a goal for students and teachers.
  • Gives a personal record for posterity.
  • Creates a valid reason to maintain and revise repertoire.
  • Validates the revision/review concept “when children know a piece deeply they can become free to express the music.”
  • Gives the Suzuki community the opportunity to recognise the accomplishment of the student, i.e. graduation published in the NZSI journal.
  • The reports issued can assist the home teacher in student evaluation.
  • Home teachers receive clear guidelines of standards expected.

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