The NZSI and your local branch provides programs and services to members throughout New Zealand, funded through your membership.

These opportunities and other NZSI events enable families to become part of a greater musical community. They enrich the lives of all concerned in an atmosphere of mutual support and encouragement.

We welcome your NZSI membership to access and enjoy these benefits. Your family will develop life long friendships with others who share your interest in the values of Dr Suzuki’s philosophy.

These services include:

  • Regular workshops during school holidays, with Suzuki tutors from throughout NZ and overseas.
  • Music camps that the entire family may attend.
  • Access to national and international Suzuki conferences.
  • Opportunities for students at all levels of the Suzuki repertoire to perform at concerts.
  • A national Journal providing articles on the Suzuki approach and related topics, and information about Suzuki events.
  • The opportunity to attend parent information and education meetings.
  • Access to Suzuki library resources.
  • In some cases branches facilitate orchestra training and ensemble experience for student members.
  • A graduation process for students who wish to submit their playing to review.
  • On-going professional development is provided by the NZSI to teacher members in the interests of maintaining and increasing professional standards.


We have a new membership system for the creation of new membership applications and for managing existing membership details.

Our new membership system requires you to log in using a secure password. If you forget your password, you can submit your membership email address to receive a new password.

Once you have logged in, you can update your membership information, contacts and student records.

Note: The link below opens in a new tab and uses our membership system website address


If you are new to the NZSI and would like to apply for membership, please start by signing up.

To do this:

  • select Sign up below to open the members login page
  • select the Sign Up option below the login area to set up an account
  • then log in and fill out your membership details


Membership is renewed annually from 1st April each year.

  • Family membership – $75 per year. If you want to participate in NZSI events, your teacher must be an NZSI-registered teacher for the student’s instrument of participation.
  • Teacher membership – $105 per year. You must be listed on the NZSI Teacher Registry.
  • Teacher Trainee membership – $95 per year, for those in full-time tertiary education.

A $5 discount applies to all memberships, if paid before the current membership expires on March 31st each year.

To pay your membership fees, please transfer the right amount into the following account:

NZ Suzuki Institute

Note: The link below opens in a new tab and uses our membership system website address