Introduction to the NZSI Teacher Training Programme

The NZSI Teacher Training Programme is designed for practising teachers and advanced musicians 18 years and over interested in becoming Suzuki teachers. Currently in New Zealand Suzuki teacher training is available in cello, flute, guitar, piano and violin.

The teacher training programme covers four levels. Each level consists of three units of training with most units corresponding to the Suzuki repertoire book to which it refers (ie. Unit 4 explores Volume 4). At the end of each Level of training, teachers sit an assessment.

Each unit of training consists of:

  • A minimum of 16 hours of lectures, discussion, and teaching practice.
  • Eight hours of observation of specified Suzuki teaching.
  • Additional reading and written work.
  • Alongside the Suzuki repertoire training will explore musicianship, music reading, and the practicalities of the Suzuki philosophy.

NZSI Teacher Trainers recommend:

  1. All teachers attend the National Teachers Conferences.
  2. Trainee teachers attend a minimum of one workshop or conference for each Level of training.

In some cases, NZSI Teacher Trainers will also recommend that a trainee teacher takes private lessons from a recognised teacher during the training period.


Entry level requirements

Policy document

CelloGrade 8 + or alternatively the equivalent of Suzuki Cello Book EightCello Teacher Training Programme
FluteGrade 8 + or alternatively the equivalent of Suzuki Flute Book SevenFlute Teacher Training Programme
GuitarGrade 8 + or alternatively the equivalent of Suzuki Guitar Book SevenGuitar Teacher Training Programme
PianoGrade 8 + or alternatively the equivalent of Suzuki Piano Book SevenPiano Teacher Training Programme
ViolinGrade 8 + or alternatively the equivalent of Suzuki Violin Book SevenViolin Teacher Training Programme

See the How to Enrol page for more information on beginning you training with the New Zealand Suzuki Institute.

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