Wellington Suzuki 2018 Spring Workshop

Dates: Sunday 30th September to Wednesday 3rd October 2018

Venue: Wellesley College, 611A Marine Drive, Days Bay

Instruments offered: Violin, Viola, Piano, Cello, Guitar and ECE music classes.


Registrations now open!  To register - please click here.

Registration closes midday on Monday 13th August 2018.

Registration is open to current members of the Suzuki Institute (2018/19 year) learning with a registered Suzuki teacher on the instrument of participation.

It is expected that all children attending will have a supervising parent with them, both for safety, and to support them.

Buffet Dinner Option

There will be a buffet dinner offered again this year at the Pavilion Cafe after the parent talk on the Sunday, 30th September 2018.

If you are interested, please complete this form and make a separate payment into the account.


Violin tutors:
- Toni Robson, Melbourne
- Jennifer Taylor, Sydney
- Rachel Braly, Auckland
- Emma Dann, Auckland
- Simon Griffiths, Auckland
- Trudi Miles, Hamilton
- Lois McCallum, Christchurch
- Alison Eldredge, Wellington

Guitar tutor:
- George Hendry, Christchurch

Viola tutor:
- Alison Eldredge, Wellington

Piano tutors:
- Margaret Bland, Melbourne
- Elizabeth Lau, Auckland

Cello tutors:
- Sally-Anne Brown, Auckland
- Margaret Cook, Auckland

ECE music classes for 0-3 years:
- Emma Goodbehere, Wellington

Music enrichment class for young players:
- Priya Gain, Wellington

- Chris van der Zee, Wellington
- Alison Eldredge, Wellington

Tuition fees (per student):
Cello, Violin and Viola -
Book 1 : $180
Book 2-3 : $190
Book 4 + : $230
Guitar : $180 for all book levels
Piano : $200 for all book levels (includes piano tuning and moving fees)
ECE music classes* : $35 (limited spaces)
*This programme is for 0-3 year olds and a parent/caregiver (one child per parent). A series of traditional songs and rhymes are used as stimulus for movement, singing and percussion playing.