Professional Development and Professional Advisory Group

One of the strengths of the Suzuki movement is the collegiality, sharing and working together that is engendered by the method. Dr Suzuki set an example himself in exhibiting an approach to teaching where learning and change were constant factors. NZSI has offered teachers the opportunity over the last few years to become involved in professional development through branch events and through six highly successful National Conferences. Teachers have also given feedback through a national survey and as a result of this NZSI has instigated a national teacher registry that  requires teachers to undertake an annual professional development requirement.

Currently Teacher trainees can undertake a variety of activities to qualify for registration such as contributing to branch events, publishing professional material in the journal or attending and contributing to professional development sessions within branches and it is envisaged that similar contributions from teachers will qualify them for registration.

Professional Advisory Group and Teacher Trainers

The NZSI executive is supported by two important groups of teacher professionals, namely the Teacher Trainer Group (TTG) and a sub group of teacher trainers, senior teachers and co-opted members, known as the Professional Advisory Group (PAG).

The TTG is made up of teacher trainers listed on the NZSI Teacher Trainer Registry. The TTG meets once a year. This group has constitutional responsibility for agreeing on the criteria for accreditation and qualifications of Suzuki teachers.

Members of the PAG (2021) are Sally-Anne Brown, Fleur Chee, Margaret Cooke, Dora Harkness, Graham McPhail, Trudi Miles, Hazel Roggen, Stacey Shuck, Sally Tibbles and Emma Goodbehere co-opted for SECE matters.  As key professionals their role is to advise the executive and to guide in matters of accreditation and qualification of teachers.

The PAG meets twice a year in April and September and works to develop policy on professional matters in consultation with the National Executive, teacher trainers and the teacher membership. To contact the PAG concerning any professional matters please email: or write to NZSI, PO Box 633, Welllington 6140.

Teacher Training is carried out in the NZSI by teacher trainers listed on the NZSI Teacher Trainer Registry (see policy document above) and the Overseas Teacher Trainer Registry, and is often undertaken as a partnership between the National Institute and branches who may be running workshops and camps at which teacher training can be most successfully undertaken. The structure of this relationship including responsibilities is outlined in the PAG and Teacher Trainer Group Structure document above.

NZSI Teacher Trainers are teachers who feel they have achieved competence as teachers of children and have chosen to pursue the optional goal of becoming an NZSI registered Teacher Trainer. Being an NZSI Teacher Trainer is both a privilege and a responsibility. NZSI is actively seeking senior teachers interested in becoming Teacher Trainers. Developed within the framework of the Suzuki philosophy, the application is designed to encourage self-evaluation and professional growth.

Teacher Trainer Registry and Application

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