Early Child Education Teacher Training

A musical environment based on Suzuki’s philosophy can be created through early childhood music, preparing families for a lifetime of music making.

In addition to the benefits for children and their families, Suzuki Early Child Education (Suzuki ECE) training provides opportunities for teachers to gain more experience working with the baby/toddler age group or may suit teachers who prefer to work with children of this age.

The Suzuki ECE training course emphasises the development of a child from birth through to age three, with specific baby and toddler class curriculum and goals.

The course involves a minimum of 30 hours of study, including observation of Suzuki ECE music classes. There will be daily class assignments and you will have an opportunity to lead an activity in the baby/toddler class during the training.

You will be assessed during the course against assessment components listed in the course syllabus, to achieve expected outcomes and quality.

On successful completion of the course, the NZSI Teacher Registry will be updated to show your Suzuki ECE qualification. To maintain registration, you must undertake ECE professional development within every three-year cycle of the NZSI Teacher Registry.

To take part in the Suzuki Early Child Education Baby and Toddler Music teacher training course, you must:

  • Be an NZSI-registered teacher of your instrument
  • Be a current NZSI Teacher member
  • Have a minimum of three (3) years teaching on your instrument

For a complete syllabus, including assessment components and expected outcomes, information on accreditation for courses taken with other ISA organisations and overseas, please read the policy document.


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