Four issues of the New Zealand Suzuki Journal are produced each year and sent directly to all registered members of the New Zealand Suzuki Institute. The format generally alternates between an electronic and a printed journal.


Winter 2018

The Winter 2018 electronic edition of the Suzuki Journal is available now for all current registered members of the New Zealand Suzuki Institute. This edition includes an interview with Amalia Hall, the outstanding New Zealand violinist and Concermaster of Orchestra Wellington, and an article by Kathy Kubin on the transformative experiences inherent in practicing hard passages.



Issue Article Deadline Deadline for Advertising &
Branch Reports
Print Close Distributed
Spring 2018 (Electronic) 15 August 22 August 29 August 15 September
Summer 2018 (Printed) 15 November 22 November 29 November 15 December
Autumn 2019 (Electronic) 15 February 22 February 28 February 15 March
Winter 2019 (Printed) 15 May 22 May 29 May 15 June