Four issues of the New Zealand Suzuki Journal are produced each year and sent directly to all registered members of the New Zealand Suzuki Institute. The format generally alternates between an electronic and a printed journal.

Autumn 2019

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The Autumn 2019 issue will be available online when the Spring 2019 issue is printed.

In this issue, Robyn Denize has written a memorial to Vicki Reid, a key member of the Bay of Plenty branch, who died recently. We have several contributions from NZ Suzuki students in this issue. Bonnie Allen writes of her Suzuki journey that takes her next to Massey University. Christopher Todd encourages you to give busking ago. Samara Nation looks at Dr Suzuki's contribution. Isabelle Faulkner and Skyler Morison report from Summer Camp. Our Suzuki Early Childhood Education series continues with research by Bronya Dean on how and why children sing to themselves. And we have a good look at the critical role of parents in the Suzuki triangle. Marisha Duijzers reflects on the importance of parental support and positive experiences of learning, while Beatriz Ilari gives an honest look into parenting music students. And we have two articles on improving performance. John Wunsch gives practical advice on building memory to prepare for performance. Michael Griffin looks at the importance of mindset and practice.

Summer 2018

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The Summer 2018 issue will be available online when the Winter 2019 issue is printed.
Links referenced in the Summer 2018 issue.

Spring 2018

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The Spring 2018 electronic edition of the Suzuki Journal can be viewed online here.  This edition includes:
    Ingrid Lindsay tells us the reasons behind her nomination of this iconic teacher, fiddler and composer for the New Zealand Order of Merit.
  • SUZUKI SECE: FEEL THE RHYTHMEmma Goodbehere curates a new Suzuki Early Childhood Education series, starting with an article by Vicki Stephens on the importance of rhythm and rhyme in your child's learning toolbox.
    In this edition, we are very pleased to welcome Orla Dunlop as the first author of our new Suzuki Student column. Orla gives away the secret of her earliest musical motivation and describes the path her musical experience has taken. 
    Our new Suzuki Music Library introduces students to the history of The Minuet, with an article by Jennifer Salamone on the dance and music.
    Dr Sarah Allen's research was among the first to show that sleep enhances the learning process for musicians practicing a new melody. It also showed how the order in which you practice multiple melodies can affect the consolidation of new skills. In this article, she summarises her research findings.
  • BRANCH REPORTS: A round up branch reports from around New Zealand.

Winter 2018


The Winter 2018 electronic edition of the Suzuki Journal can be viewed online here.

This edition includes an interview with Amalia Hall, the outstanding New Zealand violinist and Concermaster of Orchestra Wellington, and an article by Kathy Kubin on the transformative experiences inherent in practicing hard passages.



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Summer 2018 (Printed) 15 November 22 November 29 November 15 December
Autumn 2019 (Electronic) 15 February 22 February 28 February 15 March
Winter 2019 (Printed) 15 May 22 May 29 May 15 June