About Workshops and Camps

The Suzuki approach provides for many aspects of musical development to occur in social settings where children receive high levels of motivation through observation and involvement with others. Workshops and camps are the main events through which this occurs and they compliment the group lessons usually run be independent teachers.

Most branches run an annual workshop and Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and the South Island branches run summer camps (see calendar of events). At these events a variety of activities are provided for students consisting of group lessons for larger groupings of students covering a number of book levels, small group master classes' or tutorials where around 4 students receive more individual attention on technique and repertoire, and enrichment activities (depending on level) which may include music notation games, ensemble, orchestra, fiddling or other general musical activities.

A mixture of local and invited tutors from around the county or overseas usually carries out teaching. Teachers trained in the Suzuki method commit to a particular ethos of teaching and you can be sure your child will receive appropriate, supportive and positive experiences at a workshop or summer camp. Workshops are not generally stay over events unlike summer camps where a great live in experience is guaranteed for all participants. Summer camps include extra events such as concerto nights (for student performers with orchestral accompaniment), fun nights, events for parents, and daily concerts.